Postseason 2019 - Semis

Important: The Executive Team has a right to make a decision that may override a rule (or rules) as outlined below in the best interest of the league and fairness of the sport.

Player Counts
• You are allowed to field a maximum of 10 players. 7 males & 3 females.
• A minimum of 3 females are required. A game cannot be played with 2 female players, it will result in a forfeit if this is the case.
• A game can be played with 9 players (6 males and 3 females) but the 10th spot will carry an auto-out in the batting lineup.
• A game cannot be played with 8 players. This would also result in a forfeit.
• A male can be substitued for a female player when you are playing with more than the minimum required female players (e.g. if you are playing with 4 females, a male can be substituted for the 4th female player).
League Infractions
• 1st Infraction is a one game suspension.
• 2nd Infraction is a consecutive three game suspension.
• 3rd Infraction is removal from the league forever.
All infractions are subject to review and change depending on the severity, voted on by the executive.
Point System (Revised), Completion of Games & Submission of Scores
• 3 points for a win, 1 for a loss if the game is played out.
• 3 points for a win, 0 for a loss if the game has been forfeited.
If a team forfeits (3) games without proper notice (the day prior to the game) they will forfeit their place in the league and it will be given to a team interested in playing in this league. A fine of $50 will be assessed for the first 2 games as well if proper notice (mininum 24 hours) is not given. Example: You show up to play a team and no one is there or they don’t have enough players to field a team and results in a forfeit.
ALL SCORES to be sent in by the WINNING team within 24 hours of any regular season game in May, June or July. Otherwise (for Tournaments, August Regular Season, Tiered & Playoff Games) all scores must be sent in immediately following your games.

If you fail to submit your score, it may result in a $50 fine and the losing team may have the option of taking a forfeit win.

We will not be chasing people for scores! This will be enforced. SEND IN YOUR WINNING SCORES!!
Roster Information
Roster Additions
• Roster additions are allowed at any point during the regular season. A maximum of 40 players can appear on your regular season roster.
• For insurance purposes, all teams must enroll to SPN Online Roster, and all players must sign roster/waiver for the given team to be eligible to play in our league.
• Prior to the start of tiered gameplay, you must send a list of the 25 individuals (full names & gender ONLY) to the league that will be eligible to play in tiered and playoff games.
• Only those 25 individuals selected are eligible to play in tiered and playoff games.
• The list of the 25 individuals (name & gender) on your tiered roster will be shared with the entire league.
• The 25 individuals must also appear on your SPN Online Roster for insurance purposes.
• Roster additions are closed at the beginning of the tiered schedule. If changes are required to the 25 individuals, it must be approved by the Executive Team (Approval is NOT automatic). An example could be if a player becomes injured for the remainder of the season.
• Your full 40 team roster is eligible to play in the August Tournament.

SPN Roster Website: Click Here
Need Help with the Website? Try asking our Executive Team
Multiple Leagues
• Each team is allowed to have an unlimited number of women and men on their active roster that also appear on another team's roster in another league.
• You can only play for the team in the On Deck Slo-Pitch league of which you are rostered on.
• The ONLY time a player from this league can play for another team in this league is if a TEAM gives adequate notice that they will not be playing in a tournament, then a player from that team can join another team for that given tournament
Tournament Rules
Providing Umpires
• If your team doesn’t supply the correct amount of people (umpires) as per the schedule, one of the two teams playing in the game must report the issue to any member of the executive within 48 hours for the fine to be applied. The fine will be split amongst the teams playing in the game. The fine is to be paid in full prior to the team's next scheduled game. FAILURE to pay will result in a loss of game(s) until the fine is paid.
Forfeited and BYE Games
• Withdrawing from the tournament without sufficient notice will result in a fine of $150.00. Sufficient notice is typically defined as prior to a given cut off date, or the posting of the tournament schedule, or release of team list. Notice of less than 14 days will typically result in fine.
• Any games that are forfeited or a BYE will result in that team winning the game 7-0.
• Teams receiving a BYE will be awarded a win and not have the option of taking the loss. A BYE is always a win, NO exceptions.
General Rules
Mercy Rule
• After the completion of the 5th inning in regular league play, if either team is ahead by 25 runs (or more), the game is over. The score is to be reported by the WINNING team from the point of the mercy, even if the teams play the game out.
• After the completion of the 7th inning in regular league play, if either team is ahead by 15 runs (or more), the game is over. At any time following the 7th innings the rule still applies. The score is to be reported by the WINNING team from the point of the mercy, even if the teams play the game out.
• For tournaments and playoffs, please refer to the provided schedule for Mercy Rules.
Team Feuds
• The majority of the TEAM holds that spot in the league. The person that coaches, runs, or is designated as a Team Representative does not own the spot in the league.
• If your team decides to get rid of you they will be given the spot in the league. Majority rules.
Other (In-Play) Rules
Lead off Rule:

Rule A. When a base runner leaves the bag and the batter does not make contact with the pitched ball, the base runner is to be considered out and the result of the given pitch will stand.
Rule B. When a base runner leaves the bag prior to the batter having the ability to make contact with the pitched ball, the base runner is out and the play is dead.
Rule C. The ball is not immediately considered a dead ball when the pitched ball hits the ground. The ball becomes a dead ball when the ball is in the act of being thrown back to the pitcher.

Note: Should the base runner being called out for leading off be the final out of the inning, the inning is considered over immediately and the current batter will begin to bat in the next inning with a fresh count.

FYI: Rule C is in place to not allow players a head start (aka. hit and run). Without Rule C, Rule A only defines situations where the batter does not make contact with the ball - however does not stipulate in itself that a baserunner cannot leave the bag early. This prevents teams from 'sending' a runner based on a Rule A and hoping for the batter to make contact with the ball.

Examples of Lead off Rule:

[eg1] 0 out, 2-1 count, runner on 1st and 2nd:
The pitcher delivers the ball towards the plate, the batter swings and does not make contact with the ball. Both the base runners on 1st and 2nd leave the bag as the ball is missed by the batter and hits the ground.

Correct Call: The batter is out, and both baserunners are also out for leading off. Tell your friends about it, it's a Triple play - inning over. This call makes use of Lead off Rule - Rule A.

[eg2] 1 out, 0-1 count, runner on 2nd:
The pitcher delivers the ball and the batter does not swing. It is a ball. Immediately following the ball touching the ground, the base runner at 2nd base leaves the bag.

Correct Call: The baserunner is out for leading off and the result of the pitch still stands. There is now 2 out, no baserunner and the batter has a 1-1 count. This call makes use of Lead off Rule - Rule B.

[eg3] 1 out, 1-1 count, runner on 1st and 2nd:
The pitcher delivers the ball, the base runner at 1st base immediately leaves the bag well before the batter has the ability to make contact with the ball. The batter then hits a homerun on the given pitch.

Correct Call: The runner at 1st is out, and the play is immediately dead as he left the bag prior to the batter having the ability to hit the ball. There is now 2 outs, runner remains on 2nd, and the same batter has the same 1-1 count and the homerun is not counted. This call makes use of Lead off Rule - Rule C.
Infield Fly Rule: When the infield fly rule is in effect, regardless if the ball hits the ground or is caught the play is dead. Runners cannot advance.
3 Balls, 2 Strikes: The league has a 3 ball, 2 strike count. Once a batter has received 3 balls, it is considered a walk. On the same note, on a batters 2nd strike, he is considered out. Batters are also given one foul ball courtesy when the count is full.
Men Walking with female batter following: We are now following the SPN policy for this rule. If a man is walked when he has a strike against him, and a female is following him (on deck), the male batter will be awarded two bases and the female batter must bat. If the male is walked with a 3-0 count, he is also awarded two bases, and the female batter on deck has the option of taking first or batting.
Pinch Runner Rule:

- Each team is allotted 4 pinch runners per game (combined male and female players). The pinch runner must be of the same sex and must also be the last out. The use of the allotted 4 pinch runners is not defined as a substitution.
- Regardless if a batter gets a single, double, or triple they are eligible for a pinch runner immediately following the play. Once play has resumed (another pitch has been delivered to the following batter) they are no longer eligible for a pinch runner substitution.
- After all 4 pinch runners has been utilized, or if a base-runner requires a pinch runner after play has resumed, a substitution would be required. The base-runner is required to come out of the game and to sit for a minimum of 2 innings before they can return. A substitution in this matter would not count against the total of 4 pinch runners allotted.
- Where a substitution is required and no extra players are available, the base-runner can be replaced using the last-out rule, however, the base-runner is still required to remain out of the game for a minimum of 2 innings and during that time will be considered an auto-out in the line-up.

Homerun Rule: Each team is allowed 5 homeruns per game. Each homerun that occurs exceeding the allotted 5 homeruns will be considered an out. 
Pitching Arc: The pitching requirement for arc is 6 feet - 10 feet.
Links to Rules, Informations & Forms
On Deck Constitution and Rulebook (Anything noted above overrides this document)
Roster Sheets: .pdf OR .doc
Remember if you are shopping for a bat it must be on the approved bat list which can be found by referring to the SPN Legal Bat PDF Document.
League Fines and Other Rules

Glass Bottle 1st Offence: $250
2nd Offence: Removal From League
Missing Umpires $50 per umpire
Not attending Scheduled Meeting $150
Illegal Player Forfeit of all games to date.
Illegal/Altered Bat Forfeit of all games to date.
Failure to submit Roster Forfeit of all games until roster submitted.

Catchers Mask Rule: Teams refusing to ensure their team's are properly wearing the catchers mask will be fined $150 and disqualified from that game. $100 of the fine will go towards league insurance premiums, the other $50 will go to the team that reported the issue. Fine must be paid prior to the next game or the team will forfeit all games until fine is paid. If at anytme an executive member sees you without a mask on, the same fine will apply. If the other team is willing to share their catchers mask, when reported, it will also result in a $50 fine - which is payable to the team reporting the offence.
Providing Correct Ball: As of 2017, we are now using the Yellow Gray Dot Softball Only. (The white version can no longer be used). Each team must have at least 2 usuable balls in reasonable condition available for each game. If a team fails to provide the proper game balls, they will be fined $10 per ball as reported. The fines will be given to the team whom had to provide the game balls for the team given that the offence has been reported. Reasonable condition is defined as a ball free of tears, scratches, damaged stitching, warping or etc...
Abusive Language: This is a recreational ball league and over the recent years it has become evident that the use of abusive language has become out of hand at times. Any written complaint in regards to abusive language by an individual will be investigated and confirmed by the executive team. Individuals found in violation of this rule will be provided with a written warning on first offence. On second offence, written acknowledgement will be required and a minimum 3 game consectutive suspension will be applied. On third offence, the individual will be removed from the league and not permitted to return at any time. For any offence that occurs regarding abusive languages, all team reps will be informed.
Fighting: Anyone found taking a swing or retaliating with a swing of their own (at any league function) will be removed from the league. This will be a zero tolerance policy. Although incidents will be investigated by the executive team, if you took a swing or engaged yourself in a fight - you will be removed from our league.
Please Note: ALL FINES must be paid by your next scheduled league once you have been notified by the executive. Failure to pay the fine on time will result in a loss of all scheduled games until the fine is paid. If the fine occurs late (or at the end) of the season, it will be carried over and added to your league fee's and as a result you will lose honor. Such fines must be made prior to the deposit deadline or your teams spot will be forfeited in the league.
Reporting an offence: If you wish to report an offence, please contact Murray Bell (251-2557) with the offence that occurred. You will be required to provide information regarding the offence (including, but not limited to, the Teams involved, Date and Field in which the offence occurred.)